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What to write?

Waning moon in Capricorn > Aquarius – 3:36 p.m.
16th day of lunar cycle

“I shut my eyes in order to see.”
-- Paul Gaugin

What to write?

As you know I missed yesterday’s entry. I developed a neck, shoulder and headache that even Tylenol wouldn’t dent. When I arrived home I used some of the doctor prescribed medicine and fell asleep. Nothing like sleep to make one feel better.

The fun thing about the last two days is Michael bought me a new watch. Actually, he went out shopping for himself and found this watch for me instead. It is a Timex with an Indiglow face, red and yellow flames on the casing. The time is shown in a wavy line, it has a stopwatch, a timer and the best part: I can ask it yes and no questions and get answers. This is really fun, kind of like the crazy 8 balls.

Michael’s lucky he gave me the watch because I had sworn off Timex watches when I lived in Kansas City, Missouri. I worked on the 23rd floor of the Power and Light Building in downtown Kansas City. One night, leaving for home, my Timex bracelet watch came off of my wrist and fell between the elevator and the floor and fell more than 23 floors into the bottom of the elevator shaft. A floor worker went and retrieved my watch. The casing was broken but the watch was still working. I wrote to Timex telling them my story thinking my story would make it into a Timex ad on television. Well, it didn’t. They thanked me for telling them my story but it wasn’t anything they could use. Couldn’t use? A watch falling more than 23 floors in an elevator shaft is definitely more interesting than being buried in the sand for five years at the beach. Don’t cha think?

Since that time, a Timex has not adorned my wrist….until now. But, my baby gave it to me and I will wear it.

Not much else going on. I had my physical therapy appointment tonight and I don’t want to sit too long in front of the computer. I shall end this here and bid you all goodnight.

8:12 p.m. - 2002-06-26


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