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Waning moon in Pisces > Aries – 12:49 p.m.
21th day of lunar cycle

"Think of yourself as an incandescent power, illuminated and perhaps forever talked to by God and his messengers."
-- Brenda Ueland

Things I Didn’t Know

During this last week I came upon some things I hadn’t heard of and decided to look into them.

The first was Fortean Zoology.

Wouldn’t you know it, the one and only link I find in the search won’t come up; something about not finding the server? My Webster’s New World Dictionary doesn’t have a listing either. However, one thing I didn’t know was that Aristotle was the first to devise a system to classify animals. This is from MS Encarta. Okay, if anyone out there has links to this type of zoology, I would be interested to read about them.

The second thing is who is Stephen Nachmanovitch? He was the author of my quote on Friday.

Whoa man! This guy is amazing. He’s an author, musician, computer artist, educator and the author of Free Play: Improvisation in Life and Art. He sounds like he is very talented. I would love to be able to play one instrument.

I did play the piano when I was little and the organ and a little bit on guitar and even harmonica. Now, all I can do is sing off key.

What have you found that you didn’t know? Let me know and whether or not I could post them here.


Okay, it was a good day. Other people were stressed because we have a short week due to July 4. This means everything is moved up one day and deadlines are one day earlier. The good thing was I went about my work and got done what I needed to and even went to lunch with the girls. It was nice enough that we sat outside with two other co-workers who had arrived before us.

Michael came to get me and we went to Sears for him to return some jeans. While he took care of his business, I went to the shoe department. I was looking for some sandals and didn’t really expect to find anything in Sears but who knows. Well, who knew, I found a pair I liked and they were on sale? Life could not get any better I tell ya. They are the between the toe, a thong I guess, with wooden like soles. A little bit uncomfortable but when all you’ve worn is sneakers and engineer boots what can I say? I purchased a red pair and a black pair. Now all I have to do is a pedicure and get those nails a lovely shade of red and I’m ready to go out.

No moon siting this morning, too much fog. By the marine layer tonight over the bay, I shan’t see any moon tonight either.

Well, my friends, it’s getting late and I want to get my yoga in tonight. I hope everyone had a grand day. Until tomorrow . . .

9:31 p.m. - 2002-07-01


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