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Mother Earth

Waxing moon in Leo
2nd day of lunar cycle

"Every time you don't follow inner guidance, you feel a loss of energy, loss of power, a sense of spiritual deadness."
-- Shaki Gawain

Mother Earth

Most days, anyone near me will hear me say, "I live in paradise."

Only, I feel we all live in paradise if we look for it.

I am amazed and in awe every morning I come into work and return home. I pass through an agricultural valley that the cycle of life is hard to miss.

There are fields newly tilled. The earth, a deep rich brown that reminds me of chocolate icing on a cake. Another field will have a cover of small green stuff, another, a different color of green or maybe a burgundy red color. The next fieldŐs crop is ready for harvest followed by a field decimated of its treasure by the migrant workers. Finally to see fields that are fallow, having time to regenerate its nutrients.

Some mornings and afternoons, the hills are covered in clouds or fog. The fog can be so thick the hills appear to be snow-covered. Most mornings, the early morning haze has the hillsides in varying shades of gray until the sun burn them clear. As most mornings, there are many different birds welcoming you to the day.

One morning while looking out the window by my cubicle, I saw three sparrows land on the textured cement block wall. I was amazed because the texture does not look as though anything could get a foothold on it. The birds perched there horizontal to the ground as if there was nothing odd about this stance. These sparrows are an industrious bunch, earlier in the spring there was a piece of dried grass in the upper corner of the window about 15 to 20 feet high and held in place by cobwebs. Two of the little birds went after that grass until they pulled it out from the cobweb and I'm sure it went into their nest.

The area I live in also has an abundance of red-tailed hawks. One lunchtime, I heard. Looking around and up, I saw two hawks circling above the patio in a mating dance. Like ballet dancers, they swooped, spiraled, screeched, came together and flew apart till finally the female left not finding her dance partner acceptable and flew in another direction.

My favorite bird is the owl. Usually in late winter about dusk, I will see them sitting on a fence posts or on the utility wires. The first time I saw one, I thought it was a chunk of wood from a tree that had been cut down until I saw the feather tufts on top of its head. When I walk at night down by the bay, I can hear one hooting in the quiet of the night from the safety of the trees. I could stop and stand there for hours just listening.

Spring, of course, brings wildflowers. The colors of blue, purple, orange, yellow come forth in abundance and the air heavy with fragrance. Where I walk in the morning, I see yellow and orange of the California poppies, purple flowers I do not know the name of and this morning I noticed white ones delicate flowers that looked like a petticoat. The yellow jasmine is hiding in the ivy and puts forth its perfume and you have to really look to find where it's coming from.

Yes, I live in paradise and I know you do too.

2:42 p.m. - 2002-07-12


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