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On the Way to Work

Waxing moon in Capricorn > Aquarius 11:40 p.m.
13th day of lunar cycle

"Affirmations are like prescriptions for certain aspects of yourself you want to change."
-- Jerry Frankhauser

On the Way to Work

Driving the Magickal Blue Truck this morning I passed the local cemetery. It made me realize how non-descript this cemetery was compared to older cemeteries, especially the one I had recently visited in Maine.

The local cemetery has all pillow stones. A pillow stone is one that sits flat to the ground. I also noted that the newer stones give the name and date of birth and date of death. Occasionally a head stone would note whether the deceased was a spouse or child of someone but generally not. I don't know what stones cost these days but it makes me think they must be expensive.

Case in point, the cemetery on the hill where I used to live, the stones were upright and an assortment of stone from granite to marble and light colored to dark. The older ones, usually granite, were plain. Some were worn down to the point they were just a rock in the ground. Others, a bit younger per se, would have names and dates. I believe the earliest dated one that could be read was in the 1700s. What intrigued me was the information on the stones.

Charlie Jones
Born April 20, 1886
23 years 6 months and 14 days (the year, month and day was abbreviated)
Son of so and so; or

Husband of so and so; or

Father of so and so;
Died in Milan by a falling tree

Yes, this was a reason for death on one of the stones. Of the military people, the stone told their rank, where they were stationed and what war they were in. Roaming the cemetery you had a sense of who these people were.

Oh well, so much for cemeteries.

Keeping with the dead theme, I was on the bus the other day and I rode past a funeral home. In the window was this sign:

Neighborhood Watch Member

Who's watching the dead folks?

Okay, so this is my attempt at being funny.


Enough on the dead theme. Early tomorrow morning and I mean early, the moon hits Her zenith for being full. Last night the fog was in and I could only see Her outline through the fog. When I awoke at 12:30 a.m. the fog had moved on and moonlight was streaming through the bedroom windows. Had it not been a work morning, I would have gotten up and gone outside to dance in the moonlight.

Spike has a new friend, Fred. Fred is the neighbors' cat. Fred learned early on I was a soft touch because to keep him and the other cats from bothering Spike while he ate, I would feed them. However, the only one that shows up regular is Fred.

With Spike not having many teeth left, he doesn't eat dry food much and prefers the canned stuff. Fred on the other hand doesn't like canned food but loves the dried.

My neighbors say Fred doesn't eat much at home these days because he likes what I'm serving. Ha! It's Friskies dry food for cats with kidney troubles. I can say the same thing about Spike because he doesn't eat very much at home either. I guess the good thing is, they both are being fed.

Fred has finally allowed me to pick him up. We've been thinking at some point he must have been an indoor cat because whenever I leave the front door open he makes a beeline for it. Plus, he has a wimpy meow. Nothing like Spike's.

With holding Spike and then Fred, I can tell Spike has become the old man. The last time he was weighed at the vet's, he came in at a little over ten pounds. I'm finding it hard to believe he is so light he never used to be.

What's amazing is Michael likes Fred and Michael doesn't like cats except for Spike, of course. Fred has grown on both of us. Makes me wonder if Spike brought him around on purpose, knowing he isn't feeling as sprightly as he used to and he's not going to be with us forever. Michael said that Fred isn't Fred's real name. Fred is actually Scratch. Hmm, Scratch. I don't know, I like Fred better. To me, Fred doesn't have the temperament a Scratch should have. I see a cat drinking caffeinated coffee and streaking across blackboards, roars like the cat of the neighborhood ought to and chases dogs around the block! Maybe Fred is just in disguise.

So far the day is going well and I should be getting on with it.

Ta ta for now.

4:06 p.m. - 2002-07-23


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