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Another Day in Paradise

Waning moon in Aries
19th day of lunar cycle

"Cut a good story anywhere, and it will bleed."
--Anton Chekhov.

Another Day in Paradise

What to write after yesterday's exciting end?

More of the same?

Well, yes. I rode Ruby into work today. It's only right with my having the primo parking space. Everyone has come up to comment on Ruby and how fitting she should be in that spot. Hehe. Me and Ruby like this.

Other than riding Ruby in, it's been a regular day. Morning began much too early. However, I had time to meditate and do my yoga. This is the good part of having wheels and not riding the bus.

For a change, Michael got to see me off on the bike instead of the other way around. He swept up the driveway yesterday as part of the home cleanup activity and it made it very nice while backing out of the garage. Good job Michael!!!!

It was a sunny, cool morning to ride in. It feels good to be in the wind again. At the hour I left, traffic wasn't to bad, which was fine with me. I had gotten accustom to driving Blue and didn't have butterflies much since the accident.

This morning I had butterflies, as I kept track of where traffic was and how close to me they were. I hope by week's end, this goes away. Not that I can ever be too careful but I want to enjoy riding and not feel like those huge vehicles are out to get me.

Other than that, it was a regular Monday. Spike was at the front door without Fred. The moon is almost at the waning half moon stage. The temperatures are delicious.

What can I say when I live in paradise?

4:56 p.m. - 2002-07-29


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