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Do You Love to Moodle?

Friday Ė August, 2002
Waning Moon in Leo > Virgo Ė 11:03 a.m.
1st day of lunar cycle

"So you see, imagination needs moodling Ė long, inefficient happy idling, dawdling and puttering."
-- Brenda Ueland

Do You Love to Moodle?

Moodling, I love this word. Would believe, thereís no such word in my dictionary? Websterís New World College Dictionary. Thereís mood, mood altering and moody but no moodling. Although I would say from instinct that moodling is a form of mood altering.

I believe this is what I suffer from is not having enough time to moodle. Like this morning, Iím feeling better than I have the last couple of mornings. I went out to look over my postage-sized stamp of a back yard, are the tomatoes ripening, the marigolds reviving from not being transplanted soon enough and there in the midst of perusing my kingdom, I begin pulling weeds and the overgrown stuff.

I donít do everything or the whole yard but one little section. Itís enough to feel productive and now I have dirty fingers and a small pile of weeds. To me this is moodling.

Having time to write in the morning here, is moodling. To let my thoughts roam and put it all down even the junk. Of course, I shall edit but to be able to just play and see where my words take me is so much fun.

I hadnít even thought about writing of moodling but there it was and here I was and now you see whatís happened? A paragraph or two on moodling. I just love new words.


Yes, I am feeling better today. I donít have that slow motion feeling as in the past few days. Iím still feeling the effects of the newest medication Ė being sleepy but this is okay too.

In talking about symptoms with Michael, we find he doesnít have the inner ear stuff but, he isnít feeling to whippy either. This is not a good thing. Two grumpy sick people in the house is not a fun situation.

The worst of being home is there is nothing on daytime TV. No good movies, I find Iím not into soap operas anymore and even the game shows are boring. Whatís up with that?

There had been a time when I was the soap opera queen. If I couldnít see it when it was airing, I taped the show to watch at home that night. If that wasnít possible I would go on line and check out the web sites for the synopsis of the dayís events and keep up that way.

Iím glad this phase has gone by the way side. When I lived in Maine, 1970+, I worked the three to midnight shift and this was when I got involved in the soaps. All My Children was my favorite and the only one I would watch if I had to make a choice. Sometime after that it was One Life to Live and the General Hospital. What I liked was it didnít matter how long you went between shows, one day to several years, you could pick it up in no time and not feel like you had missed anything.

So, to find myself uninterested today is a day to rejoice.

Have a great day and weekend everyone!

12:35 p.m. - 2002-08-09


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