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An Ordinary Kind of Day

Thursday - August 15, 2002

Waxing Half Moon in Scorpio > Sagittarius - 4:25 p.m.

7th day of lunar cycle

"The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves."

-- C. G. Jung

An Ordinary Kind of Day

5:44 a.m. Foggy again, enough so that Harley is damp. Spike isn't even up yet and is in a cranky mood as he comes out of his house. Harley is ready for his hugs but Spike says leave me alone, I'm not awake yet. I ignor that and pick him up anyways. Little Bit and Felix are sneaking up hoping I won't notice them. They like to harass the guys from their food and then they eat it all. I have that down and hang out with the diners with a squirt bottle; most of the time I just show the bottle and Little Bit and Felix run off.

Michael is off to work earlier than usual this morning. Things are hopping around his place of business and a few extra hours are needed. A couple of kisses goodbye and he's out the door.

8:05 a.m. Ridership on the bus was miniscule this morning - four of us. I don't know if last night's ride made it through the grapevine or not and that had everyone taking alternative transportation. I don't know what happened but we had a driver and a navigator and neither were sure of the route. Yours truly helped direct the majority of the route with another rider taking over when I departed. We had quite a few laughs as the driver would stop way past the intended stop. One rider exited only to return, as she thought she had left a book in her seat. No book and she was gone again.

10:30 a.m. Just back from my morning walk. Finally I'm warmed up. The building is cold and although the sun is out and burning off the fog, it's still chilly. Built up a little steam and the extra layers may come off. Quiet this morning. I didn't see the usual women I do that walk each day, maybe it's because I walked earlier than usual. The fields are more yellow than before and the flowers are dying off with lack of water. I believe fall is on its way. What I don't get is why my feet are bothering me. It's been within the last month that my toes might ache, or the ball of my foot or maybe my whole foot. My tennis shoes are fairly new so it can't be they're out of shape but really. More than likely it's old age. Drat!

12:08 p.m. A busy morning. Answering phones, typing press releases and tracking down newspapers. Plus, attempting to line up a ride to town. I need to purchase a new bus pass and with Michael going in early, I have no ride. Three people have offered but all with hitches: I can do it but early this evening; I'm going to have lunch and can drop you off and I'm going in but I don't know when. Okay, this is where I have to turn this over to Goddess and let Her direct me to which is the best solution. I want to be anxious about this but it's not going to do me any good if I do, it won't solve a thing.

3:05 p.m. My travel needs were nicely handled by another co-worker who felt the need to get out of the office while waiting for a phone call. She zipped me in and out of town before anyone knew I had been there - wheeeee! She's from San Diego and drives accordingly. I wanted to step on the brake a couple of times but I could tell she had the car under full control.

The trip answered the one question Michael put to me about obtaining my bus pass - can I mail them the money and they in turn mail me the pass? Yes and yes. That, or I can give them a credit card number over the phone and then send me my pass. It's good to know this and not get down to the last few punches and worry about the next ride on the bus. What's nice is next month the bus service is offering free rides for the whole month in hopes to increase ridership. If only I could have held out a little longer on my current card. Oh well, I'm set for October.

4:05 p.m. Well now, you've spent most of the day with me. It's been an ordinary kind of day and I'm glad to have shared it with you. May you all have a wonderful night.

4:11 p.m. - 2002-08-15


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