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More fog

Friday - August 16, 2002

Waxing Moon in Sagittarius

8th day of lunar cycle

"The most potent muse of all is our own inner child."

-- Stephen Nachmanovitch

More fog

Another foggy, cool morning. When I come home at night, fog. Okay, I'm getting a bit, no, a lot tired of fog. Enough already. I haven't seen the moon once since this cycle began. I may have to have Michael drive me out to the lake to see some moonlight this weekend. Granted I know She's up there but a sighting every now and this would be nice.

Michael was up and out the door very early this morning, even before me and I'm the early bird in our household. Things are hopping at his work and duty calls. The house is quiet with him gone. This is nice in it's own way but .... it's not the same with not having our morning rituals we do.

Harley was at the door waiting for his breakfast. Spike came stretching out of his house as I opened the door. Everyone testy, see, even they have had enough of the fog too. Pets fed, now it's my turn to break my fast and decide what to eat for lunch. This is where I would really like to have a cook.

I don't like thinking or preparing food unless I'm in the mood - which isn't often. I would like to tell someone what I would like to have and have them do the buying, preparing and serving. I feel I would do better at eating healthy and staying within my Weight Watcher points if I didn't have to do all the thinking about it.

The focus of my day has been on the schrophrenia of sharing.

Sharing is a scary thing. When is it too little or too much? How do you say "enough" to someone who wants more than you are willing to give? What do you feel when someone will not share with you?

Trust and faith comes into play here. Even if you have had no role models or poor ones at best, have faith and trust in your higher power to know what to do, what to feel or what to say. Take that leap of faith and share anyway.

It's scary sharing myself here on these pages. What will people think? Will they respond? Like my writing or hate it? Every day I face my fear and write a little more. Every day my faith and trust grows with a balance of whatever does or does not come to me was mine or not mine to begin with. Whatever it is, all is well.

4:00 p.m. - 2002-08-16


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