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What Seemed Like a Busy Saturday Really Wasn't

Waxing Moon in Sagittarius > Capricorn - 10:15 p.m.
9th day of lunar cycle

"At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities."
-- Jean Houston

What Seemed Like a Busy Saturday Really Wasn't

As I had never heard of Jean Houston before, I did a serch on Google and found this site: Welcome to Jean Houston's Website. Apparently she worked with Margaret Mead and Joseph Campbell. I'm not in the mood to go further into who she is but this site will start you off if you're interested.

Michael had to work today but luckily he could sleep in later than he had been so we had some time together before he left. Moments like this are sometimes the best and I remember the longest.

Michael gone, I have the house to myself. What shall I do? Me being a list person decided to go against the grain and instead of beginning at the top of the list, I jumped around. I did something from each section I have. This was fun and I did some things I usually don't ever get too - like reading for the fun of it. Although I had things crossed off, it doesn't feel like I accomplished much. I hate this feeling.

When the Muse arrives.

The artist in my family is my sister Marion. She has taken classes but she is good. When we were flying to Maine, I was in awe of watching her use her travel watercolor kit and create beautiful scenes on blank paper. She is an inspiration to me.

With that said, my Muse appeared today. Marionís birthday is coming up in a week and I wanted to do something special so I painted her a picture. I had all of my watercolor paints out on the floor with paper at hand and a blank look on my face.

Generally before when Iíve painted a picture Iíve sketched it out first and then painted it in. This time I let my Muse guide me and I created a vase of red and yellow flowers with purple marbles in the bottom of the vase. I actually like the painting. It does look like a third grader did it but I DID IT. I have to go out and buy a frame and matting to finish it off before sending it to her.

I know she will like it. She will like it because she will know I faced a fear of knowing how good I know she is and still painted her a picture from my heart to hers.

The end of the workday with pot stickers calling.

Michael came home early. Yea! I hopped on the back of his bike and we went to eat Oriental food. I had been craving pot stickers and we got an order for each of us. The rest of our meal was a cup of won ton soup - each; sesame beef - shared; and shrimp fried rice - returned. The shrimp had an odd flavor and Michael didn't want to take a chance. The owner was very gracious and didn't charge us for the dish. In all the time we have eaten at this restaurant we've never had a bad meal. This is a good cooking record.

Back at home, we both changed into comfy clothes and watched some television and basically vegged out. And, this is where you find me now with veggies growing from my ears!

Can the girl give a good show?

I am not a Madonna fan. Iíve liked a song or two and she has strange videos but sheís not done anything to make me go out to buy her music. And Michael, well Ė I just wonít go there.

Anyway, last night I caught a portion of Madonnaís concert on HBO. Oh my Goddess! The girl is quite a performer. Not only did I like the music, she puts on a show. I was as intrigued with her costume changes as I was with her singing. Plus, I didnít know she played the guitar; sheís a surprising woman. Of course, Michael came home and booed and hissed at my choice of TV watching but what could I do? I had to see what Madonna would do next. Iím still not convinced to go out and plunk down money for her CDs but Iíd watch another concert on TV. The other thing that got me what she appeared to be in fabulous shape. Buffed arms, flat stomach and limber but I guess with all of her money, one can afford to have a personal trainer.

10:10 p.m. - 2002-08-17


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