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Experience, A Bus Driver with a Sense of Humor, Spanish 101 and the Rebel Within

Waxing Moon in Capricorn
11th day of lunar cycle

"Experience, even for a painter is not exclusively visual."
-- Walter Meigs

Experience, A Bus Driver with a Sense of Humor, Spanish 101 and the Rebel Within

I didn’t get a chance to look up Walter Meigs but after my Saturday excursion into creativity, I believe this statement to be so. What appeared came from my heart and not from something I saw.

The ride in was a hoot. I was still in kind of a funk from Sunday but after getting on the bus, I believe I laughed most of the way in. Robert was driving the runabout this morning. A runabout is a bus about half the size of a regular sized one. One passenger commented on the bus and Robert replied it was because they forgot to water the bus. This brought chuckles from everyone.

Then Kathleen had spoken to Jose about helping her out with becoming more fluent in speaking Spanish than she was. I jumped in and said then she could teach me some Spanish as well, which would help her.

We began with her saying repeat after me, so I did and at times she would go uhhhh and I would go uhhhh. This made both of us laugh. For today, I learned “hola,” buenas dias,” “buenas tardes” and buenas noches.” Please forgive the spelling. In English it’s hello, good morning, good afternoon and good evening. I have a friend at work that speaks Spanish so I can practice on her. I haven’t had a Spanish lesson since I was in high school and that was a long time ago! Even if I don’t learn Spanish enough to carry on a conversation it will be fun to know a few more words than I do.

Fullness Finds the Rebel

The way I interpret the rebel with fullness is to be myself in recognizing my fullness. Don’t be lead by what society says fullness has to be.

Fullness in my life is having the man of my dreams even with his muddy feet and his talent of belching. He loves me completely as I am.

Fullness is knowing I live in paradise, far away from my birth family. Creating a family from those I meet in person and through my e-mail friends.

Having a cat named Spike who’s gone through thick and thin and chose not to leave and even “marked” my side of the bed to show I was his.

Fullness is having my neighbor give me a tomato plant and now I have three tomatoes growing.

To be my age and be in relatively good health even though someone keeps putting a bulls eye on the back of my car and someone else takes the challenge and hits me.

To own my own motorcycle, even when I fell down more times than I care to remember and broke parts and pieces and still got back on to try once again.

Fullness is being aware of how good life really is even in the midst of a challenge.

Dare to be a rebel and own the fullness of your own life.

10:26 p.m. - 2002-08-19


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