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Tales from the Bus Ė Part 2

Waxing Full Moon in Aquarius > Pisces Ė 4:11 p.m.
14th day of lunar cycle

"It always comes back to the same necessity: go deep enough and there is a bedrock of truth, however hard."
-- May Sarton

Tales from the Bus Ė Part 2

As you will remember from Part 1, riding the bus is like Christmas morning and on this morning (Wednesday), we have a smaller bus and one woman with books and lunch segregated in one bag and the commotion this causes between us and those laughing behind us. My ride does end in quiet, as Iím the last one off.

Not many have commented on the fact that I track the moon information and thereís a reason for this. Not only am I a nature child but some days the moonís energies stick out like a sore thumb and you canít tell me we arenít affected by them.

My ride home was equally eventful but not in the same way. Robert is late, which isnít too unusual, as the buses in the evening have been running late for the last week. The little runabout zooms right along and Robert is able to make up time fairly quickly and quicker than in the larger buses.

The next stop is for a dry-waller that gets on at a stop in front of a store and the stop is hard to see due to trees and traffic is very fast through here. This day, Iíll call him Frank, isnít paying attention (most people arenít used to the runabout and donít realize this is the bus they want), heís eating some nuts and chatting with another person and by the time Robert sees him, he canít stop quickly because of the car behind him traveling much too close. We stop about a half block away and wait for Frank to come, only he doesnít, heís still talking and eating.

Robert, being the good guy that he is, gets out of the bus and yells to Frank, ďDo you want a ride home?Ē Frank doesnít here but someone in the parking lot does and yells, ďNo Iím fine.Ē

Robert takes off walking and gets practically on top of Frank before Frank realizes what is happening. Frank grabs his stuff and quickly walks back to the bus with Robert. We razz Frank for not paying attention and we set off for our next pick up.

You have to understand that with the big buses, they have route numbers and destinations signs. Most folks look to these and know which bus they want but with the runabouts unless you recognize the driver or any of the passengers, you might be one to miss the bus.

The next stop is havoc and mayhem because of construction to improve the street space for the buses. This is a major bus arrival and departure area. I guess I would say itís the central location for all buses for destinations all over the county. Not only do you have all of the construction folks out there with construction vehicles, you have lost passengers, city and county buses and dispatchers attempting to pair up passengers with the right buses.


Itís just that simple.

The bus pulls into the curb and passengers enter the bus Ė all the usual that is. The bus takes off and as we make the corner, dispatch calls and says weíve left one behind. Okay, around the block we go and there is one passenger waiting for us. He enters and sits down. Another man comes up and wants to go to another city north of where we are going. He is told he needs to take a different route and he turns away.

Off we go again and while stopped at the light, dispatch calls again, thereís another passenger who didnít realize the runabout was her bus. Robert says to send her down. There is no one behind us and we sit out the green light. A girl in a red shirt runs down the street and thanks Robert for waiting and she sits. The light had turned red now turns green and turning the corner, dispatch calls again; we have a rider wanting to go north.

Robert asks us to remind him to fire his boss in the morning. So, one more time we head around the block. At the stop, itís the first man that Robert had told he needed to take a different route. By now, that bus has come and gone and another rider appears he wants to go even farther north! Egads. What is with today?

Did I say the moons energy was in Aquarius? Aquarius is an air sign that is concentrated energy, usually either ON or off. As you can see by today it is ON.

Robert gets on the horn and talks to the drivers of the routes these gentlemen need to take to find out how to meet up with them and have the passengers where they are supposed to be. It gets to the point that by the time we make the university, all the buses will be royally late. Robert calls home base to request going off route because there are no other stops until we reach the town I live in, and just drive these passengers to the stop they need and have the one bus wait for us. Base says okay and the scenic route home we take.

One passenger behind me, a mom and her little girl, whoís fallen fast asleep, has a frown on her face. I ask her if sheís going to be late for something and she shakes her head. Since I have a cell phone I ask her if she would like to call someone and let them know she will be late. She says thank you and has me key in the number and in Spanish, lets her people know what is going on. Everyone settles in and enjoys the ride.

Itís pretty where I live and taking a different route home is a nice change. Arriving into town the other bus is waiting for us and we circle the block and come up behind the bus. Passengers alight from the bus all happy with not being stuck somewhere.

Closing the door, Robert turns in his seat and asks the rest of us if there is anywhere else we would like to go since we are this far off course. Everyone chuckles at this and Robert heads back to the highway and to the regular route.

Iím only 20 minutes late. No big deal and besides it was a fun ride home. So, this ends this tale from the bus. Hop on board the next time around and see where I get to go.

6:01 p.m. - 2002-08-22


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