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A Very Lazy Day


A Very Lazy Day

With this being the first day of a new linear month, I thought I would dispense with the lunar information and quotes for awhile, keep things simple. I had been doing the other for so long I don’t know that I’ll be able to stay away but we’ll see.

I was awake early. Maybe from having fallen asleep around nine p.m. I was awake when the paper carrier delivered the paper and went down to get it. It was 4:45 a.m. While I was up I fed the cats as well and then headed back to bed for awhile longer.

Finally sleep would come no more and I was up checking e-mail, puttering and meditating. Michael arose a little later and prepared his ever famous pork chop and eggs breakfast. Spike even had a taste this morning and his satisfaction showing as he groomed in the doorway.

Movies for the afternoon were:

“Benny and Joon.” Starring Aiden Quinn, Mary Marstriano, Johnny Depp and Oliver Platt. A strange movie but once you got into the characters, the movie was quite cute. Michael wasn’t that excited about it and went to check his e-mail.

Next movie was “Slow Burn” with Minnie Driver and people I had never heard of. I like Minnie Driver but this one really pushed the limits. The movie jumped around and it was hard to follow the plot. Definitely I’m glad I didn’t see this at the show.

And now I’m here, in this very lazy day finishing up my posting. I’ll leave you with a list of what I’m reading at the moment:

“The Fifth Sorceress” by Robert Newcomb. It burns me because the author puts the women in such bad light. Did I say it was a male author? I do believe Robert is a male name. However, he is a good writer and if you like fantasy, you will like this book.

“Writer’s Digest, Issue 9, September 2001. Not only am I behind in e-mail reading. I’m also behind in magazine reading. Writer’s Digest is the best writing magazine I’ve found that writes about writing, from covering the basics, to how to market your writing, venues to query and interviews of those who’ve made it.

“The Book of Chakra Healing” By Liz Simpson. I’ve just started this one so I cannot say much about it yet. If the first chapter is any indication though, it’s a very good book for a beginner and a brush up for those more advanced. This book tells you where the chakras are located and what they rule, altars to make, stones to use and exercises to do.

And for my menopausal moments, “The Wisdom of Menopause” by Christiane Northup, M.D. I love this book and use it as a reference book. Dr. Northup covers symptoms and offers suggestions on how to handle them and what to ask your own doctor. I like the fact that she doesn’t feel menopause is something to be remedied.

Well, that’s all folks!

Happy September 1.

7:58 p.m. - 2002-09-01


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