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The Snoring Goddess


The Snoring Goddess

See what happens when I come home and donít sit down to write: I donít. Then I miss a day. Missing a day isnít so bad I guess.

Anyway, The Snoring Goddess.

Wonder where that came from?

I was deemed that after last night and keeping Michael up most of the night with my snoring. You see many moons ago I didnít snore at all. When I gained weight though the snoring began. At first I didnít realize what was causing the snoring. I talked to my doctor and he suggested surgery. Hmm, I think Iíll do some more research first. Later, I joined Weight Watchers and lost weight and my snoring went away. Ha, a lot cheaper than surgery thatís for sure. Only now, Iíve gained back some of the weight and the snoring with it. The good part is that although I caused Michael to say a few cuss words, I did get back rubs out of it and we were able to joke about it this morning, as weíre bleary-eyed from lack of sleep.

Whatís up with the weather?

Yesterday was blazing hot. By ten a.m. when I went for my walk, I was glistening before I was half way around my circuit. The building was hot and stuffy. I arrived home and it was hot there and I live at the beach. But today the weather has turned, a bit. Michael went out to ride Vixen and found heavy fog. I didnít think too much about it until I left in the Magickal Blue Truck. The fog was thick enough that I needed to use the wipers, now thatís wet!

About 10 a.m. when I went for my walk, the sun had come out and it wasnít as hot today. I didnít get as steamed up which was nice. The building wasnít as hot, which was good because today is my crazy-making day and I get hot enough over that without help. Arriving back home though, the fog bank was still there. About five miles from home, you could see the bank, thick and heavy. The air cooled, time to role up the window. I wonder how settlers felt when they came upon this; itís really kind of mystical. Entering a strange new land. The fog was thick enough that as I crested the hill I couldnít see the Back Bay at all. Thereís mist in the air and it will be damp tonight.

Headline of the day: Janet Renoís hopes for Fla. Governor fade

Normally this wouldnít have caught my attention but the fact Reno is running in Florida and all the snafus that occurred during the presidential election, I thought I would give a glance to this article. Sure enough the first graph read ďÖbeset by balloting glitches and poll worker confusion.Ē I would think after the stink raised by the prior election, these glitches and snafus would have been dealt with, but nooooooo. Florida is going to be known as the election snafu state. Or, maybe itís all because Jeb Bush is involved. I donít remember any problems prior to the Bush thing. Something is stinky in Denmark, oh I mean Florida.

Another news item that has my pants in a bunch, Martha Stewart is taking the fifth if sheís called in to testify. Iíve never liked the woman nor have I purchased any of her products but with watching this ImRon thing unravel, I have more reason not to like her.

Quote of the day:

A writer is a person for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.

--Thomas Mann

I can agree with this quote.

I wonder what to write

I wonder whether Iím writing well enough

I wonder if anyone will like what Iím writing

Iím too busy to write

Iím too tired to write

So my friends, Iím going to call it a day.

7:08 p.m. - 2002-09-11


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