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First Sunday in Lent

Well, Michael and I watched our movie titled "Longford." An HBO starring Jim Broadbent as Lord Longford. Longford is invited by Myra Hindley, played by Samantha Morton, an inmate in prison for the deaths of children she and her common-in-law husband/boyfriend, Ian Brady committed.

Longford writes to Hindley, visits her, brings her books and encourages her path in her spirituality. Unknown though by Longford, Hindley is holding back information of other deaths that eventually comes out by Brady.

Having his faith shaken but yet built strong by working with this young woman, in the end he holds no grudge but finds that good has come from this relationship because Hindley has made his faith grow stronger and he thanks her for that.

That is what I call turning the other cheek. Jim Broadbent is such a good actor and the story is well told and there is a good supporting cast, I do recommend this movie you.

That written, with all that we did yesterday, stopping the movie several times to discuss today's activities and other conversations of importance, I didn't get to bed until 2 a.m. Ha, and I want to go to church in the morning. All I could do was say my prayers that I would wake up in time to make the 8 a.m. service.

I don't know that I slept very well but I was awake about 7 a.m., got up and dressed quickly and out the door I went. The walkway was damp but the flowering weeds were beautiful. The sky was cloudy but some sun shining through but it could still rain and I went off without my raincoat. Oh well.

This being the Lenten season is another reason I wanted to make the church service and it was well worth it. I find myself tearing up and not knowing why, thank heaven for handkerchiefs. Our church has a fundraising going on titled "Count Your Blessings." For each day of Lent there is a little saying and for whatever it is, you are asked to place a few cents into a jar or receptacle to be donated at the end of Lent.

One incentive was if you purchased any food that day to put five cents into your jar. Another idea was on George Washington's birthday to place a nickel in the jar. And, for today it was about milk being a good source of food to give five cents for every pint in the refrigerator. Another is giving thanks for natural beauty and to put two cents for every plant in your home. My donation will be small since I only have two plants but I am grateful for their presence.

I still haven't come up with something to give up as most spiritual people do; some I know give up chocolate or coffee and such but I feel for me by working the above and being aware of what I do have does help me practice Lent.

The rest of the day is going to be spent working more on the garage. The big push since the garage door company wants to put the door in sometime this week. Michael assures me he has things pretty much worked out on how we are going to do this and I do have faith in his organizational skills. Feng shui maybe at work here and getting this project going is giving us the energy to get it done and getting the junk out of the garage. All I can say is hooray for open space.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

mz. em

Quote of the Day

The most useless day of all is that in which we have not laughed.
--Sebastian R. N. Champort

11:50 a.m. - Sunday, Feb. 25, 2007


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