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Beginning of a New Week

Another new week, I wake up to find that Michael has chosen to fall asleep on the futon. I can hear him snoring quietly but I'm ready to get up since it is 8 a.m. I also find that Max is sleep beside me on my right side. So, why am I awake?

Today I awake with the mental loop of being industrious. I wonder if this is from having been at the beach yesterday. Lists are zooming around from daily to weekly lists of things to do and they will not stop. The question is, can I really go through with this. As of late, everything overwhelms me and I get nothing done.

I did sit in meditation for 30 minutes but my mind went round and round on what to accomplish today. I also notice that since it's been awhile for me to sit, I find myself leaning forward instead of sitting back straight on my sit bones. Being upright feels so much better but then I would be leaning forward. I can see more practice is in order.

I also did a light routine of exercises just to get the blood going. Using acupressure of tennis balls on my spine let me know that my spinal muscles are really sore.

After all of this, I made my list of things I wanted to accomplish and printed it out. I felt okay in roaming the list and got quite a bit done. All that is left is putting the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Not to bad for a day of not knowing exactly what to do.

The only aggravating incident was speaking with the state franchise board about getting a copy of my state income tax return. When I completed my taxes on-line Saturday the PDF wasn't working and I couldn't get a copy of my return. I received my summary but I need my return for when I file next year. As to the irritation, I called the board and explained my situation and I have to wait at least two weeks so that the return is in the system. Then I go back on-line and print out a form requesting a copy of my return and return that and $20 to get my copy. I asked why I had to pay $20 when it was their site that wouldn't let me copy my return. Well, too bad this is how it's done. Michael says no way and I believe he's going to call them and get this straighten out. Stupid government!

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Quote of the Day

"I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do, because I notice it always coincides with their own desires." – Susan B. Anthony

Currently Reading: "Hawai’i One Summer" by Maxine Hong Kingston

"A Woman’s Spirit" by Karen Casey

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8:43 p.m. - Monday, Apr. 09, 2007


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