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Pint of Blood and Fifty Cents Please . . .

with this you, too, can receive a strawberry cream pie or another pie of your choice. I picked the strawberry cream pie because I knew Michael would like it too.

Sometimes when I go into donate blood I hit it at the right time when some business is donating some goodie and this time it was pie. Pie isnít something I eat regularly but hey why turn down a good thing.

This time in drawing blood the tech used a new method, R2. Before I was doing an R1 where the red blood cells were separated from the platelets and saline solution was returned to my veins. With the R2, the blood and platelets are separated but the platelets are returned to the body. Boy is that stuff cold.

Now the organization that handles blood donations is doing testing on blood due to new found things and one of them is pregnant mothers with unborn babies who may have a different blood type than the mother. Big doings I guess.

Anyway they got my blood and I don't need to go back for 120 days instead of 56 days. I will say this, the pie was delightful and didn't last long in this household.

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"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."
-- Albert Camus

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