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Glorious Sundays

Waxing moon in Virgo
4th day of lunar cycle

"Snipers are people who undermine your efforts to break unhealthy relationship patterns."
-- Jody Hayes

Glorious Sundays

The day began with foggy skies and a bit chilly but now, the sun is out with a light breeze. Iíve been out and pulled some weeds and watered my greenery. Some plants but mostly weeds.

Today is a lazy day with some things being done such as cleaning bathrooms.

Actually the day began with Michaelís famous Sunday morning pork chop breakfast with cappuccinos. Yum. I can't remember when this breakfast started but Iím sure it was I because I was craving pork chops and eggs. Usually we have garlic potatoes but some mornings itís hash browns. However, this morning we had none and just enjoyed the chops and eggs.

I watched a fun movie I hadnít seen before called ďDuets,Ē starring Gweneth Paltrow and Hewy Lewis. A fun movie about abstract people coming together due to karaoke. It appears some folks live for karaoke. Iíve not gone to a karaoke night nor would I want to but this movie did make it seem fun.

But to back up a day, Saturday was a day of getting things done. This is because my chair I had ordered a year ago on lay away was here. I drove into town to pick up. Michael stayed at home and worked on the garage so that we could bring the boxes through there instead of around to the front door.

The chair is a futon chair, sleeping one, with an ottoman. The cover I chose is black red and white with Oriental figures on it. The design is what drew me to the chair in the first place.

Before the chair was unloaded, I cleaned the living room up and took care of my stacks of books and magazine. Michael and I rearranged the existing furniture to make space. Then the disappointment set when we found scuffmarks are the arms. These marks had been varnished over so they werenít coming out and they are on a part of the arm that makes them very noticeable. Plus, thereís a drawer under the seat and the faceplate has a splintered patch where one could get splinters. I put a call into the store and I was told they would order new pieces and I could pick them up on Thursday. Well, at least I can sit on my ottoman. It was very nice last night sitting on the futon being able to look at the fire and watch television without having to turn my head.

Spike is absent. On the weekends I donít get up early enough for him so he goes over to the neighborís house for food. Not a problem, as their cats come over here during the week to eat with Spike.

Well, Iím off to sit in my newly arranged living room and watch some television. I hope everyone had a good weekend.

3:09 p.m. - 2002-07-14


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