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Purses and Shoes

Waxing half moon in Libra
6th day of lunar cycle

"It is important to remember that at first flush, going sane feels just like going insane."

-- Julia Cameron, "The Artistís Way"

Purses and Shoes

In every group of women friends Iíve had, there is at least one woman who has style. You know the type, always impeccably dressed. She has more style in her pinkie than I do in my entire body. Which brings me to todayís topic.

Lately Iíve been noticing purses. Large, small, plain and fancy, thereís a bag for every woman no matter what she is doing. I remember when I was younger the pleasure of going purse shopping. There was the time of finding purses in outrageous colors, i.e., bright red, yellow, blue and orange. How about finding a small purse? Yes, just enough room to carry my driverís license, a bit of money, a mirror and lipstick. During my hippie days I had the woven bags with leather straps Iíd just throw everything in and hope to Goddess I didnít drop it. Oh yes, one fall to the floor and everyone knew what I carried with me. I solved that problem by putting everything into little bags to keep my privacy. Almost like a grab bag, you wouldnít know what you were getting, hehehe.

Now, utility is the word. Iíve been using the soft-sided brief cases. A compartment for everything and a road map to keep track of where you put things in this bag.

Iíve begun watching my friends to see what type of handbag they use. Purses tell a lot about a girl, I just know it.

My friend Kathryn has an assortment of bags. There is the weaved purse with hardwood handles (I had one of those once), a little black bag (bigger than a cocktail party bag), a multi-colored cloth pouch (similar to the woven bag except the top can be cinched closed), the business womanís snap bag in blue, black or tan. I could go on but I want to write about the shoes.

At one time in my life I had about 10 pairs of shoes, dress shoes, dancing shoes, outdoor shoes, knee-high boots, calf-high boots and ankle boots, morning shoes and a pair of tennis shoes and a pair of loafers. I donít remember that I paid a lot for shoes not like Carrie on Sex and the City.

Now Iím down to two pairs of tennis shoes, a pair of engineer boots, a pair of cowboy boots, granny boots and two new pair of heeled sandals. However, I generally wear the tennis shoes because they are more comfortable.

But Kathryn, I declare, has a pair of shoes for every day of the week and maybe more. She says she loves shoes. One day itís the cute light blue sandals with no heel, another day is the snake skin backless heels (she wears her brown skirt and sleeveless sweater and a tiger print gauze scarf), letís not forget the black, white and red sandals. You may have notice Kathryn wears only sandals, it is summer you know.

On top of noticing her purses and shoes, Kathryn is a fashionable dresser. Not only do her purses and shoes go together, they go with her outfit. I would like to hate her but I canít. Did I say Kathryn is adorable? Kathryn is adorable, cute and a wonderful personality. I cannot hate her but look to her as an inspiration on how to dress girly.

Fat chance! Iím a tom-boy through and through.

7:35 p.m. - 2002-07-16


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