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"Words make another place, a place to escape to with your spirit alone."

-- Robert MacNeil, ďWordstruck-A MemoirĒ

Summer Plans

Here we are at the end of summer. Technically summer isnít over until September 22 but with the kids back in school, summer is over. Now itís time to watch out for school zones and crazed parents dropping said kids off.

Back to summer plans, mine didnít come to fruition as I had thought. At some point prior to summer, Michael and I had talked about what I wanted to do since we knew we werenít going to Sturgis. I had wanted to take one-day trips or weekends and see the sights of California. Iíve lived here more than a decade and there is still so much I havenít seen. We both thought it was a good idea and thatís what it stayed, an idea. Iím not complaining. Many things stepped in along the way to preclude traveling, the biggest being my auto accident in January and having to go through physical therapy to get back into shape again.

Besides, all my ideas are still written down and can be done when we are ready. They shall not stay just ideas.

The last two Saturdays have shown us we have a new Saturday ritual. Michael and I go to the bakery and have a pastry and a cup of coffee and then head for the grocery store. Each time weíve seen different people. Little kids, some shy, some very bold and those so excited at being able to pick out their treat. One man left with two large bags of bread, another with cake, and a woman with a couple of Danishes. This day, there were two men sitting at a table across and to the back of us. Having a time as they chatted about this and that. As loud as they were, Iím surprised I didnít hear what they were talking about. What I did hear that one of them had a very Jamaican accent.

From the bakery we stopped in the Cingular store to hear what giant savings and deals they could give us but being wise shoppers we took the information and said we would get back to them. We also want to check out Sprint and come these with Verizon.

Next stop was the pet store. We havenít been in here in some time. Well, not since I had the aquarium and was buying fish and tank stuff all the time. A very tiny store that smelled, Iím not sure from what but it did make my nose wrinkle. The only ďpetsĒ that caught my eye, were the mice, hamsters and rabbits. Ooohs and aahhhs, were all I had to say; we both went ďoh myĒ and the lizard tanks. While there an older woman admired our hair, we both had our hair down, so it probably did make a statement.

Rite Aid was on the list for all the personal items that the grocery store doesnít have. Not too exciting there, although they did have some cute sandals. Hmm, maybe itís my year for the sandal since Iíve purchased three pairs already.

Last stop before the grocery store, the hardware store. Yes indeedy, this girl loves the hardware store. I donít know if all hardware stores are like this but our ACE store has everything; tools (I love new tools), garden shop (always like to check out the new plants and to see what they have in pots and statues), hats (not that I need any more), a gift section (they do have neat little things) and my favorite area the artistry section (paper, oils, acrylics and my favorite right now Ė watercolor). With my birthday not too far away, my Michael purchased some brushes, paints, paper, tube rollers and an upright tray to hold my brushes. Happy birthday to me! Oh yeah, one last thing, a tomato trellis.

The grocery store is almost a let down compared to what we have just experienced but we even have fun there as well. But as this was a regular shopping trip Iíll not go into details here. Needless to say our cupboards are full.

It would seem an ordinary Saturday for most folks but I enjoy my Saturdays with Michael. In a sense, abundance of all the good things in life.

8:55 p.m. - 2002-08-31


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