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The Fullness of the Creator

Waning moon in Cancer
27th day of lunar cycle

"The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible."
-- Oscar Wilde

The Fullness of the Creator

It seems obvious that our fullness would come from that which we call our higher power. To so many people though they receive their fullness from material things or from the people they know. But how fulfilling is this?

It canít be that gratifying when we as a culture buy more and more and are in such debt to credit cards.

Luckily I can say I do not have a credit card. Well, I do thanks to Michael putting me on his accounts. I still consider the cards to be his. I gratefully say I do not have a credit card debt but I do find myself running over into my next paycheck and this disturbs me.

Am I attempting to fulfill a need? I donít think so. What I buy are things for living or for my comfort or that of Michael. It still makes me wonder.

I complain about the clutter and of all the objects I cannot or will not throw or give away. Why not?

I want to be filled with the fullness of Goddess. To not need such items; to not be filled with the desire that the object in question will make me feel complete. I am hoping with opening msyelf to Goddess will fill that emptiness and be complete with what I have.


Today I am home. My equilibrium seems to be off and this makes my stomach queasy. So todayís entry shall be short. Perhaps I will feel better tomorrow.

4:23 p.m. - 2002-08-06


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