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Not Another Day In Paradise

Waning Moon in Cancer > Leo - 9:27 a.m.
27th day of lunar cycle

"Nobody sees the flower - really - it is so small it takes time - we haven't time - and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time."
-- Georgia O'Keeffe

Not Another Day In Paradise

I went to the doctor's today to find out what is going on with me. Have you ever had one of those things that is next to impossible to explain what you are feeling? This is one of those times. Luckily the physicians' assistant was very good and asked good questions to help pinpoint my malady.

I have a viral inner ear infection. There's nothing I can take for it to go away other than drink lots of water . I was given a prescription to calm the queaziness and dizziness but that's it. I was assured that I have a mild case (he knew I didn't feel like it was mild) of infection. The PA had seen patients who could not get up from the floor because of the dizziness. At least I'm not that bad yet.

So, today my entry is about my not feeling well. Hopefully tomorrow I will be up to writing about something other than being ill.

2:59 p.m. - 2002-08-07


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