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Learning Means

Sunday - August 25, 2002
Waning Moon in Pisces > Aries Ė 3:47 a.m.
17th day of lunar cycle

"A mind too active is no mind at all."
-- Theodore Roethke

Learning Means

Learning means studying my abcís. Yick. Why do I need to learn abcís? My mom says with abcís in combination they make words but why do I need words?

A is for apple
B is for ball
C is for cat

Okay, so now I can say apple, ball and cat. Why do I want to spell them? Mom says someday I may be a great writer and itís important to know how to spell. Why spell when I can tell stories?

I like to tell stories.

I like to tell stories about my cat. He chases the grass I tease him with. He purrs when I pet him and rub him behind his ears. He rubs my legs when I come home from school. Sometimes he even leaves dead mice, moles and birds on the doorway mat, looking at me like ďlook what I did for you.Ē I like my cat.

Apples are the best. We have tree in our back yard. Theyíre small green apples and sour. Mom says I mustnít eat too many or they will make me sick. I still eat them though. The worst is when I find a worm in one and Iíve bitten through it. Yucky. Sometimes when the apples turn red, mom will make an apple pie. I like her apple pies. Dad, when he knows thereís apple pie for dessert, he will bring home vanilla ice cream. My teacher says this is apple pie ala mode. Me, itís apple pie and ice cream.

I donít like talking about balls. Iím not good at playing ball. I always get sent out to the outfield. Nothing happens out there. I end up sitting in the grass and watching the ants and any other bug I find. Once in awhile a ball will be hit out to me but by the time I realize itís coming Iím too late. I donít know why my parents think I need to play ball. I like to take a tennis ball and bounce it on the driveway and catch it. I like to throw it against the barn door and catch it but I don'í care about baseball.

What I really like to do is go adventuring. I find all kinds of neat things. Grasshoppers. Frogs and sometimes toads. My auntie told me I could get warts with holding toads and grasshoppers leave tobacco juice on my hand when I hold them. I donít think itís really tobacco juice but itís brown like the juice my grampy spits out.

So thatís my stories for today. ABC.

Emmy Lynn
First Grade

11:42 a.m. - 2002-08-25


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