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Labor Day


Labor Day

It is a good morning when I sleep well and wake up to sunny blue skies. The temperature is 55 degrees. Chilly but nice, the bricks are cold on my feet as I retrieve the daily paper from the walk.

Spike is ready for breakfast. He gets leftovers this morning, as he didn’t eat all of his dinner last night. To keep the other cats from bothering him, I brought him in. He ate some of his food but even I can say it didn’t look to tempting. Being an easy touch, as he sat regally, looking at me as though to say:

Do you know who I am?

Yes, I know who you are. You’re the picky eater in my family.

You expect me to eat leftovers?

Yes, when you don’t finish your dinner.


Spike. . . .

He looks at me with those pleading eyes and he knows I’m a soft touch.

Okay. I’ll get you some fresh stuff but only a spoonful. Let’s not be wasteful, okay?


I hear the purring, as I set the plate down with a tablespoon more of food. He licks the gravy part and gums some of the bits and pieces before swallowing; then he turns and steps down to the first step and with his back to me begins to groom.

Done are ya?

He ignores me and continues to groom.

Well, okay then, I will give Little Bit what’s left over. So there.

Thus, ends the Monday morning feeding of Spike.

I love having three-day weekends. Michael and I still have some priority things to do, some puttering to do and a barbecue later this afternoon. Time to move with the flow and not feel rushed. That will come later tonight, when I look at my list and realize what I didn’t get done. But that is later. Time to go have some fun.

6:15 p.m. Fun meant getting some outside work done. Our driveway is supposed to be repaved tomorrow and we needed to move some stuff out of the way. Actually, I arrived home on Thursday night to a phone message from the landlord stating his henchmen were coming the next day to do the work. Knowing we had stuff out there needing to be moved, I called Michael at work to alert him as to what we’d be doing when he arrived home.

Luckily I called him because he was able to talk to the landlord who said not a problem and would reschedule the paving to Tuesday. Whew! A sign placed on our garage window did the rescheduling. Real high tech, wouldn’t you say?

I was out the door first and after a couple of interruptions of Michael’s television watching, he joined in moving the “stuff” around, most of which, was determined to be trash and loaded into Blue for said trashing. I worked on the front walkway, sweeping and scuffing up grass coming up between the bricks. Michael removed the entrenched ones with the weed eater. Finally to come down to removing the cobwebs from the front of the garage and around the house numbers with a rinsing of it to get the dust. Michael used the weed eater along the side of the house and we discovered another entry way under the house we suspect the skunks had be using and explained the strange noises had heard during the weekend past. Now to wait for them to leave for the evening and board that hole up!

Our day ended with a barbecue. Ah, the smell of grilling sausage and steaks, potatoes baking and corn cooking with a salad chilling in the refrigerator. Ah, it was a grand holiday.

7:36 p.m. - 2002-09-02


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