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Monday Monday


Monday Monday

Hi there.

I was going to attempt to do separate entries for all the days I was off to catch up. However, the job seemed daunting and I decided to just do a summary here and be done with it.

With a three-day weekend, a three-day workweek and then another three-day weekend, I didn’t find the time to add writing to the mix. My big time jammer is putting together the paperwork for my accident case to be able to send in a settlement demand. Needless to say, this also stresses me out. I am closer than I was and once I track down some receipts, I will be in good position to finalize things and send them off.

Tuesday-September 3: I finish up another hard copy journal. It’s amazing how fast I go through these. Today is the first day of riding for free on the bus. The whole month is free. This offer is an attempt to seduce car drivers into leaving their cars at home and take the bus. I think they will get one or two new riders but folks around here love their cars and are always in a time crunch to forgo the control their cars give them. Began a new book: “Follow the Stars” by Luanne Rice. So far a very good book.

Wednesday-September 4: Begin writing in a new journal. A co-worker gave this journal to me. The shape is rectangle with lined paper. High quality paper too because it doesn’t soak up the ink from my fountain pen. Today is my first day of visual journaling. The workbook I have is “Visual Journaling Going Deeper than Words” by Barbara Ganim and Susan Fox. The idea being to create visuals of how you are feeling inside. Plus for me, it’s another venue for being creative artistically. I love being able to draw my feelings, even when I’m not sure what I’m feeling. Smell sensation: Getting off the bus and smelling the sourdough from a nearby bakery. Ooooh, I want some bread.

Thursday-September 5: This is my Friday. Plus it’s the last day for a co-worker. Of this I am sadden, as I shall miss him dearly. Didn’t realize how much he was a part of the day around our work. Today is the first day of school for several schools in the county. Photo in the paper showed a little girl, sitting at her desk with her hands over her eyes, a pencil tucked through her left first finger. Photo caption read: “Even kindergartners get the school blues.” I wore my hair up in a ponytail and received many compliments from my co-workers. Usually I wear it down or in a braid. I guess people do pay attention to me.

Friday-September 6: Happy birthday to me! This is why yesterday was my Friday; a company benefit a birthday is a paid holiday. The best present? Michael had the day off too. Speaking of presents: I received lots of nice things from Michael, my sister, my neighbors and a friend. In the afternoon, we had a barbecue of filet mignons and appropriate side dishes and then I went for a massage. Yes, this is how one should spend their birthday.

Saturday-September 7: An easy day watching movies. The best one, “Saving Grace.” Had me in stitches and I loved the accent. Not much to report other than lazing around and being waited upon by Michael. I just love birthday weekends.

Sunday-September 8: Michael had to work today. I’d rather he be at home but it was nice to have him around on my birthday. Plus, it’s nice to have the day to myself. The majority of my day was spent working on said accident stuff. Ugh. As one does when one wants to write or create, instead of doing that we find all kinds of other things to do first. I did some house work, called my sister and great aunt, had some lunch, then I settled down to work and did something on the paperwork. Oh my. Michael home very late and very tired. So endth the weekend.

Monday-September 9: A catch-up day at work. So much to do, so little time. A good day and a busy one. The sun was out, the temperature rose and people complained. I’m glad I live at the beach.

Dinner is just about ready so I shall end this tome. Goodnight everyone.

8:48 p.m. - 2002-09-09


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