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How to Royally Irritate Your Cat

To be juicy is to be: a fearlessly joyous optimist,
a troublemaker tirelessly afflicting the comfortable,
a passionate lover of good talk and tasty food,
an anonymous prophet hovering over the cosmological riddle,
a frequent violator of the ordinance against indecent exposure of the heart,
and a guerilla in the insurrection against the dream molestors everywhere.
++ Rich Heffern ++


I didn’t set out to irritate Spike but some things are just unavoidable.

Spike hates to have his claws clipped.

He’s worse than me with a shot. I don’t get anywhere near his claw and he’s flinching, meowing and hissing at me. Also attempts to bat me away and treats do not make the situation any more palatable for him at all. Of course, it’s been over a month and it’s time.

“Spike, you just have to suck it up dude and work with me.”


“I’m sorry my furry little guy but it’s something that has gotta be done.”


“You can hiss and bat at me all you want but this job is going to be done. Now work with me, will ya?”

Spike as you can imagine is twisting, turning, attempting to bite and be the big bad old self he thinks he is; and as much as he hates it, he shall succumb to one bigger, stronger and a very determined Alpha Female, namely me, his mom.

He’s so irritated that even treats would not appease his ire and he retreats to the sanctuary and hangs out for most of the evening. He stays as far away from me as he can. I’m sure he’s wondering what else I might try to do before this day is over. Luckily for him, this is it for today.


So What Happened While I Was Out Living Life

Miracle of miracles, Michael came into work early enough on Thursday that we were able to have lunch together. The miracle continues is that Michael gets off work early enough that we can have dinner together and watch a movie. Dinner is a frozen pizza – DiGiorno Pizza with pepperoni and sausage. It’s not as good as our neighborhood pizza joint but it does in a pinch.

The movie that we recorded from the weekend was “Legend of Earthsea” by Ursula K. Le Guin. Michael had recorded both Parts One and Two so we were in for the evening. I have to say, “the pizza was better than the mini-series.” I’m really bummed as I like Le Guin as a writer but director Robert Lieberman did the story no service. The special effects weren’t as good as they could be and the story line was contrived in places. Would I see it again? Probably but it would not be my first choice.

All in all, it was a good night with my honey and my fur child.


3x Thursday

New pets
1. How do you feel about having a new pet (or a pet at all, if you don't have one already)? I have my one fur child and though I have at times thought of having another pet; a new one will not be in residence until Spike crosses over to kitty heaven.

2. What is the adjustment period like when a new pet comes around? I feel it depends on you and the pet you’ve chosen. It also depends on the pet’s personality as well.

3. If you have other animals, how do they take the new pet? No.

Bonus Question for Comments: When choosing a cat or a dog: baby (kitten/puppy) or full-grown? Why? I’ve had both but as much work as a baby is, I like getting them younger because I feel it helps the bonding process.

As in question, even though Spike was thoroughly angry with me earlier, he is now sitting at my elbow waiting impatiently for me to finish this so he can get in m lap.


Finally it’s Friday

Today instead of going in early, I decided to still get up early, meditate and exercise. A little bit of weight lifting is good for the soul. Plus I do some crunches, my neck and back exercises. Overall I handled not paying attention to the clock but it felt weird. I even stop off at Starbuck’s for coffee – peppermint mocha. Not bad but nothing to write home about.

The one major thing I don’t like about coming into work later is the traffic. Whew! Mario Andretti wannabe’s everywhere. I feel this time of year makes people leave their brains at home when they leave the house. I made it into work before 9 a.m. and ready for work.

Working out, feels good. I will have to see how that works in a daily schedule. Being Friday, there is a festive feel in the air. For me, the pressures of holiday events have begun to slow. I don’t feel much like working but still things have to be done.

Although pretty chilly when I left the house, it is glorious near noon. I enjoyed my morning walk and then our editor took us out for lunch and we sit out on the patio enjoying the noon day sun. Ah, now this is living; I’m wearing flip flops, we are in our shirt sleeves enjoying our food and can hardly believe this is December. But, of course, we live in California.

Towards late afternoon, I’m feeling tired and less like working. I take off around six p.m. Say my goodbyes to Michael and head for home. One thing cool about working out in the morning, I don’t have to think about doing it when I get home when I’m already tired. I feel like staying home but I shall attend the Friday night Al-Anon meeting and wait for Michael to come home.

The “ooh yuck” of the evening was getting ready for bed and finding small pellets of something on the foot of the bed on my side of the bed. Michael tells me he thinks it is termite material. Ooooh yuck!!! Michael will have it checked out and then let the landlord know. What a great holiday present!


Friday’s Feast

Feast Twenty-Eight

What is something that never fails to grab your attention? Good music. Driving at dusk and seeing an owl on the power lines.

Who was the last person who gave you money, and what was it for? Michael; to have spending money if I need it.

If you were a Smurf, what would your name be? Thinksalot Smurf.

Main Course
Do you believe in astrology? Why or why not? Yes. Just do.

Have you seen any snow this year yet? What's the weather like today in your area? No. Sunny with temperatures in the 60s


What I’m Reading:

“The Eye of the World (Wheel of Time Series #1” by Robert Jordan – I’m up to chapter 14 and it’s a book that is hard to put down. I can’t believe I went to lunch on Friday instead of reading this book.
“Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” by J.K. Rowling – Moving right along. I love Mad Eye Moody. What a great character to add to the cast. Somehow, I feel he’s there to watch out for Harry.
Llewellyn’s “2004 Witches’ Spell-A-Day Almanac”
“Insight Meditation” by Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstien
Llewellyn’s “2004 Magical Almanac”
“The Essene Book of Days 2004” by Danaan Parry
“365 Yoga – Daily Meditations” by Julie Rappaport
“The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation Solitary Witch” by Silver RavenWolf
“Hope For Today” Al-Anon Family Groups
“Paths to Recovery – Al-Anon’s Steps, Traditions and Concepts” by Al-Anon Family Groups
“The Stranger at the Palazzo D’Oro and Other Stories” by Paul Theroux – This is a strange book and easily put aside for the first two.
“How Al-Anon Works For Families & Friends of Alcoholics” Al-Anon Family Groups
“Ironman” magazine – January 1995
“Night Light, A Book of Nighttime Meditations” by Amy E. Dean


Since I am a Barnes & Noble affiliate, any books you purchase through the link here gives me credit. So, if you feel so moved I would be appreciative.

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