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Do I, Donít I?

Last week I purchased a pair of Crocs, the rubber/plastic shoes that can be clogs or slings with the emblem of a crocodile on them and have been out for a year or more. A friend has a pair and swears by them and I have talked to others who say the same thing.

So I went shopping for other items and went by the shoe department and there was a display of Crocs. I looked for a black pair but there was none but they did have a pair of heather about the same color of my Uggs. Sizing is the same as well in that you have to go down a size for fitting. Luckily for me they had a size to fit me and I tried them on and walked around the shoe department and out came my money.

I arrived home and walked around the living room and I wasn't sure they were that comfortable and I need to return them. Hmm, return them, I walked some more but put them back in the back with the sales receipt with the intention of returning them the next day.

The next day I tried them on again and walked around the living room some more and decided they really did feel kind of comfortable. Maybe I will keep these and on top of it my feet were warm. Okay, I'll keep them but I did hold onto the sales receipt just in case I changed my mind.

I find it interesting that some people can return purchased items without any thoughts at all and be done with it. Me. I have to go back and forth with do I or don't I?

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The idea is to die young as late as possible.
-- Ashley Montagu

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12:31 p.m. - Saturday, Apr. 21, 2007


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